Designed to help you achieve PERFECT SITTING POSTURE at all times.

We did it! 🙂

Do you need to relax from the everyday?

Carefully researched and developed, Infinity PAD represents the culmination of a great deal of science and engineering. We have created this product to help you achieve perfect posture.

The app on your smart phone helps you improve and achieve the best results using Infinity PAD.


Infinity PAD is a tool, which helps you improve your posture in the long term, by encouraging and facilitating better sitting habits. This product will give you the support, important for healthy posture!

We sit for 7 hours on an average day!


people experience STRESS due to excessive SITTING!

Nowadays, a sedentary lifestyle prevails. It is especially pronounced in people who work in offices, where they spend 70% of their time. Pain in the neck, lower back, wrists, fingers, muscles and cramped shoulders are the result of excessive sitting.

At work

On the way

While eating

At home

Experts recommend using the Infinity PAD!

Maja Rihar,

Maja Rihar, ergonomics expert – Dobra Pisarna

Maja Rihar is an office well-being expert, entrepreneur, event planner, blogger, wife and a mother of two

When are you most efficient in the office and when do you feel most comfortable at work? Dobra pisarna helps owners, managers and employees find the causes of the problems at the workplace, that hampers the effective work. Providing the answers and introducing innovative solutions, the company can help you create workplace environment oriented towards well-being and prosperity, leading to business growth.


Tadeja Bečaj Žnidaršič,


Tadeja has been working in the field of motor development for 10 years and also has her own practice. She has B.Sc. in radiology with many years of experience in healthcare.

She successfully completed a 4-year study of the Feldenkrais method at the Vienna Institute.

Tadeja has prepared a professional manual for the use of Infinity PAD, which allows users to use Infinity PAD in activating the body and thus achieve optimal results.

Tanja Baća,

certified hatha yoga teacher

Tanja works as a yoga teacher in the field of holistic physical and spiritual transformation, with the goal of leading her protégés to a healthier and more perfect life.

“Proper posture is one of the basic aspects of practicing yoga. With an upright posture, breathing is unobstructed and it is possible to use the entire volume of the lungs. With this, we provide the body with more life energy, effectively reduce fatigue and regulate the mood, which is closely related to breathing. “

Tanja uses the Infinity PAD while working on the computer and on her pad for practicing pranayama and meditation, where a balanced posture is crucial. “I see the most challenges in my classes here, and I think the Infinity PAD is a great solution, as it constantly reminds practitioners to correct their posture.”


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